A Collection of Farming Innovation at Russell Smith Farms

This Open Farm Sunday (June 11th) saw Russell Smith Farms open its doors to the public and welcome families to an exciting day out amidst a working farm. Amongst the excitement of the day were displays of farming machinery through the ages from the modern tractor we know today to horse ploughing demonstrations.

Located in Duxford, Cambridgeshire, the farm comprises of over 2,800 acres on which potatoes, onions, sugar beet, cereals and peas (to name a few) are grown. Families joined in the fun on Sunday where attendees could tour a working farm that directly supplies our supermarkets and talk to local farmers.

Robert Smith and Claire Smith of Russell Smith Farms

Attendees could experience monumental changes in the farming industry including the effect of the industrial revolution on available technologies; moving from horse drawn equipment to newly invented tractors, combines and a multitude of other farming equipment.

Additional activities available on the day were scarecrow making, metal detecting and tractor and trailer rides. Guests also had the opportunity to learn about the importance of bees in farming and our eco-system with live bee-keeping displays.

Robert Smith states: “Bees are so important to farming that hives are often transported and placed on farms to provide pollination for crops. Without them we are not able to enjoy our cucumbers, pumpkins, cherries and apples for example. As farmers, we are investing our time to keep these hives healthy and maintain a thriving presence for bees across the country.”

Education is an important aspect to Russell Smith Farms with a number of open days, school days and more taking place throughout the year. Robert Smith explains “As a society we are becoming increasingly aware of food shortages in our supermarkets and more mindful of how food is produced. By educating people of the efforts involved in food production, we can help change the mindset of many to think about food waste and champion a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of farming.”

“Farming as an industry is continually evolving, as farm managers are adopting new technologies to optimise their crop and environment. In this respect, we are on the horizon of another industry revolution. We want to share these developments with the public and encourage the next generation of farmers.”

Open Farm Sunday is an annual event where everyone, young and old, can discover the work involved in producing our food, enhancing the countryside and the other services farmers provide. The industries national open day presents the unique story of every farm meaning that no two experiences are the same.

To open your farm next year, visit a farm near you or for more information visit www.farmsunday.org