Did you catch the feature on AgriTech and the SmithsonHill proposal for a new site for AgriTech here in Cambridge on BBC Look East Thursday 8th January 2018? If not here is the full clip

– this late edition is slightly different to the earlier edition and both can be found on our YouTube channel.

Wihtin the clip there are a couple of points of clarification – the site proposed is not a research park – it is for the near to market commercialisation of AgriTech i.e. taking research and having it market ready.

Also one of the comments suggested that AgriTech was not science based, this is incorrect. AgriTech is science based, is about the convergence of many complimentary sciences and technologies, and leverages considerable work being done here in Cambridge as well as further afield.

Thanks to Sawston resident and Cambridge Food Hub pioneer Duncan Catchpole and great piece by Belinda Clarke of Agri-Tech East at the end.

We have produced an FAQ to answer some of the concerns around tranpsort, infratsruture and more which can be found on our webpages and all the details can be found within the planning documents as well as the  council’s website (application ref: S/4099/17/OL). We welcome all letters of support which can be submitted on the official planning website of South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Courtesy of BBC Look East Thursday 8th January 2017