Cambridge Sustainable Food, a charitable organisation which advocates food sustainability in and around Cambridge, have been campaigning to create a sustainable food hub for our city. The team behind the Sustainable Food Hub project are thrilled to announce that a prospective site for the Food Hub has been located.

The site in question is part of the planned AgriTech development at Hinxton, 5 miles south of Cambridge.

“The site at Hinxton is even better than we had originally hoped for our project. At this location we will meet our objective of providing affordable space and facilities to small food businesses. Best of all, food production will be taking place in fields immediately adjacent to the Food Hub, meaning it will also be an amazing location for on-site education.”

Duncan Catchpole, Project Leader

The proposers of the site, SmithsonHill, will themselves be contributing towards the project costs, making the reality of this project much more conceivable.

“The Food Hub sits perfectly within our planned AgriTech development. It will be an incredibly positive asset to the local community and to the future employees of the site. The social and environmental objectives of the Food Hub reflect our own ambitions AgriTech and its impact locally and globally.”

Emma Fletcher, Managing Director, SmithsonHill

Members of the public are now being encouraged to demonstrate their support for the Sustainable Food Hub by visiting the Cambridge Food Hub website and adding their name to the growing list of supporters.

About Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub

The Sustainable Food Hub is a project of Cambridge Sustainable Food, a network of individuals and organisations supporting local sustainable food. Cambridge Sustainable Food has already achieved a “Sustainable Food Cities, Bronze Award” on behalf of the city of Cambridge.

The impact of the Cambridge Food Hub will be that a lot more locally and sustainably produced food is going to be eaten in the Cambridge area. Food miles will be reduced and polluting vehicles will be removed from our streets. Small food businesses which struggle with the high cost of property will find new opportunities to start-up, grow and prosper. Children, young adults and food industry professionals will have an amazing place they can visit to learn about food production, nutrition, sustainability and food preparation. And there will be a fantastic new shop and café where people in the South Cambs area can come to buy and eat wonderful, locally grown and lovingly prepared food.

About Duncan Catchpole

Duncan Catchpole is the owner and Managing Director of The Cambridge Organic Food Co. and also the treasurer of Cambridge Sustainable Food.

About SmithsonHill

SmithsonHill, a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments, seeks to develop a commercial space in Cambridge dedicated to advancing the AgriTech and associated science and technology sectors.
Through a unique combination of land, cutting edge farming, construction expertise and delivering community solutions, the partnership aims to fulfil an important role in facilitating the future success of both business and local communities, as well as to help Cambridge retain its global economic position and contribute to the region’s future prosperity.


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