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Converging for Success

How Emerging Cambridge AgriTech Business Built a Dream Team   Convergence: coming together of distinct and separate factors or phenomenon such as technologies. For example, convergence of computing and telecommunications in modern...

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Our Outline Planning Application

Welcome to this repository for documents relating to the planning process for the proposed park for AgriTech at Hinxton, ARC. We have published, on this website, all communications since the...

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Move Over October

Our round up of October AgriTech stories you may have missed …  Shock results of NFU’s annual harvest survey, new research funding to increase UK food resilience and sustainability and growth funding for chocolatier:  three stories we...

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What’s Agri-Tech Week 2017 all about then?

Have you heard? Next week is Agri-Tech Week! Remember last year’s bug supper at the Agri-Tech Week REAP conference? We are proud to sponsor the event once again and do our part to promote Agri-Tech Week, which focuses this year on creating a profitable...

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Is AgriTech the answer?

Cambridge News have partnered with SmithsonHill to develop a series of posts to engage the local community in one of our areas biggest contributors to our everyday life – agriculture. Global...

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