SmithsonHill have assembled a team of leading experts to understand the best use of land available to them on the South of Cambridge.

The SmithsonHill partnership between Hill Commercial Investments and Russell Smith Farms own 530 acres of land at Hinxton. SmithsonHill have been working with a number of local businesses to assess the suitability and location of the land for a commercial hub orientated around the existing agri-tech and field trials in the area.

Managing Director of SmithsonHill, Emma Fletcher says “We are keen to support the ongoing life sciences and agri-tech sector in the region with a collaborative use of the space. However first and foremost our objective is to ensure our project will enhance the Cambridge sub-region by tackling key issues in relation to transport, infrastructure, mobile phone coverage and broadband.”

To understand the full impact of any future development and to produce recommendations for the benefit of the community, SmithsonHill has commissioned a complementary group of specialists including: –

Terence O’Rourke – lead consultant providing strategic planning advice, master planning and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) services, including ecology and heritage

Alan Baxter – providing sustainable transport and movement advice that will bring wider benefits to the respective area as a whole

Envision – advising on sustainability measures to maximise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and adaption to climate change including water conservation and waste minimisation

Hydrock – delivering sustainable drainage strategies, ground conditions, flood risk and utility assessments and other infrastructure requirements

PhD – public health best practice to protect and enhance environmental and public health and wellbeing

Richard Stock – advice on agricultural land quality and soil resources to ensure a sustainable development

Accon – technical services related to noise and air quality

Fletcher adds: “There are a variety of developments under consideration in the region at the moment but we have a different approach. We believe any additional developments need to be for the good of the local community as well as for Cambridge and beyond. As such, we haven’t come to market with a masterplan but with a specific focus on collaboration with the local parishes and other businesses in the area. This will ensure we propose something for development that will be both beneficial and sustainable not just for the land in our control but for the sub-region and its residents.”


SmithsonHill develops collaborative environments to support and enhance Cambridge’s global reputation for innovation, and is a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments. Through a unique combination of land, cutting edge farming, construction expertise and delivering community solutions, the partnership aims to fulfil an important role in facilitating the future success of both business and local communities, as well as to help Cambridge retain its global economic position and contribute to the region’s future prosperity.


For further information please contact Faye Holland at Cofinitive on Tel: 07860 863036.

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