CAMBRIDGE (14th June 2016) —

As part of our on-going engagement with the local community and key stakeholders we are carrying out a Public Exhibition to share our emerging proposals for a site for AgriTech and related sectors on the land at Hinxton (east of the A1301 and south of the A505).
This exhibition follows a meeting with representatives of the local parish councils in November 2015 and a workshop / exhibition on the County Council’s draft transport options for the A1307 corridor in April and May 2016.

About SmithsonHill and our team
SmithsonHill is a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments. We combine local knowledge, land, innovation and development expertise to develop collaborative environments to support and enhance Cambridge’s global reputation for innovation.
We specifically work on projects that are respectful of available resources and how we can make the most of them. Our partnership looks to facilitate initiatives that will create hubs for ground breaking discoveries – bringing together and encouraging interaction and the exchange of knowledge.
Working with local communities from the start we want to form close relationships to ensure key concerns are addressed and improvements are made around significant items such as infrastructure, transport and biodiversity.
From first hand research we have identified a specific need for a new site for AgriTech and associated life sciences in the East of England and have assembled a team of leading companies to bring the necessary skills to support the joint venture and investigate this further.

What is AgriTech?
AgriTech can be broadly defined as the enabling sector between agriculture and the food chain, tackling global challenges including resource depletion, disease resistance, climate change resilience, nutritional health and productivity.
Global projections are that we need to grow between 60-100% more food per annum to 2050 to meet the increase in population (+36%) and changes in diets as people have the wealth to eat a greater range of foods and seek greater choice. This is against a backdrop of climate change, losing land to urbanisation and through environmental degradation.
The only way to deliver the food needed without destroying the planet is through more efficient production and supply chains, a role which the AgriTech sector is trying to fulfil.
As a result AgriTech is seen by the government as being central to the UK’s future knowledge led growth.

A new centre of knowledge transfer from research, from the field, to the plate.
Our ambition at SmithsonHill is:

  • To bolster the East of England as the foremost region in the UK for AgriTech; building on the established reputations of Cambridge University, the London-Stansted-Cambridge Corridor (LSCC), the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford arc, the East of England’s agricultural heritage, and the clusters of science parks in and to the south east of Cambridge
  • To building the UK’s first national and international hub focussed on the advancement of AgriTech and associated businesses
  • To facilitate the conditions for knowledge transfer from research to industry tackling some of the world’s most pressing resource challenges.

The Exhibition
A review of the current environment at and around the site commenced in 2015 and is on-going. The review work to date has taken the form of a series of technical studies, in parallel with consultation with representatives of the local parish councils and other stakeholders to identify key areas of concern that should be addressed as part of the development proposals. We will be sharing these details at the public exhibition as well as providing more information on some of the key principles that are informing the overall proposal. We are asking for feedback from councillors, businesses, interest groups and residents to plan ahead of further consultation  in Autumn 2016.

Public Exhibition Details
Venue: Hinxton Village Hall, 51 High Street, Hinxton, CB10 1QY
Thursday 30th June 4pm – 8pm
Friday 1st July 2pm – 8pm
Saturday 2nd July 10am – 2pm


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