Cambridge UK is arguably the largest area in Europe with an influential role to play in global biological, technological and life science advances, paired with the unrivaled academic and research base located there. SmithsonHill will be at MIPIM in Cannes this week promoting why Cambridge and the East of England is the place for new commercial investment.

New data form Cambridge Ahead business group reveals significant growth of Cambridge UK companies. The figures highlight a record of remarkable growth during 2014/15 with Cambridge companies enjoying a 7.7% increase in turnover – which now stands at £33 billion – and a 7.7% increase in employment.

SmithsonHill will create a hub for ground breaking discoveries – bringing together and encouraging interaction and the exchange of knowledge. The knowledge intensive (KI) sectors of life science, agri-tech and technology on land in Cambridge, UK make up nearly 30% of employment and 33% of turnover in the region. These sectors have grown steadily over the last four years, with a compound growth rate of turnover of over 7.9% per annum to £11 billion and employment growth of 4.5% to 58,000.

What is striking about the data is that 2014/15 was just another typical year judged on Cambridge’s recent performance. Over four years (2010/11-2014/15) the turnover of Cambridge companies has grown by 31%, employment by 26% and the number of companies by 25%.

To put this into an international context, over the same four years’ total employment grew in China by 1.5%, in the USA by 1.3%, and in the UK as a whole by 6.2%.

Emma Fletcher, Managing Director of SmithsonHill, said “These figures support the decision that Cambridge is a location of choice for many businesses. Our objective to produce a new collaborative working eco-system for the global life-sciences, agri-tech and technology is built on a solid basis and we are actively encouraging new businesses to enter the area and leverage the global expertise available to them.”

Emma is keen to meet capital funders, international agencies investigating appropriate commercial space for their clients, and other Business Park owners for best practices whilst at MIPIM; and is particularly passionate about solving infrastructure challenges and would be very interested in talking to transportation consultants who have delivered innovative solutions.

To talk about the SmithsonHill approach during MIPIM please contact Emma Fletcher on the MIPIM app, or on +44 7785 324 729


SmithsonHill develops collaborative environments to support and enhance Cambridge’s global reputation for innovation, and is a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments. Through a unique combination of land, cutting edge farming, construction expertise and delivering community solutions, the partnership aims to fulfil an important role in facilitating the future success of both business and local communities, as well as to help Cambridge retain its global economic position and contribute to the region’s future prosperity.

For further information please contact Faye Holland at Cofinitive on Tel: 07860 863036.

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