Our Team

Teaming for Success

SmithsonHill has selected a team of individuals and companies who all bring the necessary skills to support the joint venture.

Our team will work collaboratively to bring the various projects to market in the most efficient and effective way. Whilst not a formal part of the team, we also see local community groups, interest organisations and the local authorities as key members and stakeholders of any project.

Respect and co-operation are vitally important to us.

We will not accept “the norm” as the norm is not good enough. Our success relies heavily on the right fit at the right time and we expect high levels of service and the spirit of support and collaboration from everyone. Mutual investment from the team, the community and stakeholders, both in time and expertise will ensure projects of which we can all be justifiably proud.

SmithsonHill Board

The Directors of SmithsonHill all originate from Hill or Russell Smith Farms. Each bring a core skillset of expertise around commercial development, professional skills or expertise on the management of land.

Emma Fletcher - Managing Director

Managing Director

Andy Hill - Director


Ed Smith


Mike Smith


Neil Williams - Finance Director

Finance Director

Rob Hall - Director


Robert Smith


Technical Director

The SmithsonHill Delivery Team

As with any partnership, the strength of the joint venture relies heavily on the ethos and working ethic of the delivery team. We are fortunate to have an outstanding board of directors supported externally by some of the leading consultants working in property. No project is the same and the breadth and nature of our required team will vary over time from ecologist to archaeologists, transport consultants to noise experts through to the construction team building out.

Accon UK Environmental Consultants

SmithsonHill has appointed ACCON UK Ltd (ACCON), environmental consultants, to work with their lead consultants, Terence O’Rourke. ACCON is one of the UK’s leading niche multi-disciplinary environmental consultants, specialising in air quality, noise, vibration, lighting, flood risk, contaminated land and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), providing our services across the UK and internationally. ACCON will provide technical services related to noise and air quality for the project both with respect to development impacts and constraints.

Alan Baxter logo

Alan Baxter is a multidisciplinary design consultancy serving clients across the private and public sectors throughout the UK. Our work is highly regarded and is at the forefront of creative endeavour in the built environment and development industry. Our interests span the whole of the built and natural environment where we integrate our expertise in urbanism, engineering and conservation. Our urban design and movement work includes major projects for the sustainable renewal and expansion of towns and cities across the UK. We are working with SmithsonHill to provide transport and movement advice for their projects. The key is to ensure that additional movement generated can be done so sustainably, and that new transport infrastructure and services will bring wider benefits to the respective area as a whole.

cofinitive logo

Cofinitive is a business consultancy that specialises in the provision of executives who can step into a business and deliver results to those challenges that the existing executives do not have the bandwidth or the skills to complete. Such skills may include change management, business transformation, strategy development and execution, business development, implementation, project management, employee engagement, executive leadership and communications. For SmithsonHill, Cofinitive is acting as the marketing and strategy consultant to help position the company and the projects and to communicate effectively with the relevant stakeholders and communities.

Collison and Associates works on agri-food development and the role of technology and skills in delivering growth.  With a commercial background in agriculture, horticulture, wholesaling and food processing and experience in the NHS and University sector, we bring a wide range of experience to projects.  Our work with industry has included projects on soil and water, carbon footprints, sensor data, genetic technologies, food and health, crop co-products and integration of new farming practice. The business works for government agencies to support growth of the agri-tech sector and food chain, have developed large skills and knowledge exchange programmes, and are recognised authorities across many Councils, LEPs and industry bodies.

Envision Sustainability

Envision is a specialist sustainability and energy consultancy offering strategic and technical advice to developers and businesses wishing to enhance their sustainability performance. We support our clients on sustainable design and construction maters within the built environment and specialise in guiding them through the design, planning and development process. We are delighted to be assisting Smithson Hill on infrastructure requirements, as well as strategies for the layout and orientation of buildings to maximise energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, green infrastructure as well as options for water and waste minimisation.


Hydrock is delivering multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy for SmithsonHill which includes land quality studies, drainage strategies, utility assessments, a flood risk assessment and other infrastructure requirements. We are advising at the feasibility and planning stages of this exciting development project that will support the science and technology community around Cambridge. Hydrock prides itself on delivering a fresh approach to engineering. Ranked inside the top 15 for the 2015 Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For, we have a strong focus on the well-being of our people which creates a dynamic environment for us to produce great results for our clients.

Public Health By Design

Public Health by Design – PhD – is a public health and health impact assessment consultancy working to embed public health best practice into project, plan and policy design, implementation and operation. We help commissioners deliver on social responsibility and organisational objectives to protect and enhance environmental and public health and wellbeing. Our strong track record of successfully delivering community, environmental and public health advice and support to public and private sector organisations is recognised in the UK and internationally.

TOR logo

SmithsonHill has appointed Terence O’Rourke as lead consultant to provide strategic planning advice, masterplanning and EIA services. TOR is a leading consultancy for achieving success from the planning process, including many award winning and high profile projects at the forefront of the economic recovery. TOR will apply its unique approach (Think, Orchestrate, Resolve) to assist steer the project and secure the best outcome from the planning process. TOR’s skill at cultivating positive relationships, understanding key concerns and finding solutions are essential to working with the community and ensuring a positive and inclusive planning process.

Richard Stock

I am an experienced consultant in soils and agriculture related issues, with qualifications in agricultural science, soil and water engineering and rural estates management. After graduating in 1979 I gained worked experience in association with the minerals and water industries for statutory, commercial and consultancy organisations. Since 1998 I have been working as an independent consultant with particular expertise in agricultural land classification and soil resource assessment. I am experienced in preparing impact assessments on soils in relation to agricultural and non-agricultural developments. I am working with SmithsonHill to advise on matters relating mainly to land quality and the soil resource and in particular to work towards a sustainable development.