Mike Smith

Mike Smith - Director

Mike Smith


Mike has been working within the Wealth Management sector for the past 11 years, with a particular focus on traditional private banks and Single/Multi Family Offices. In this capacity Mike has become the advisor of choice for a variety of international Wealth Management businesses. As managing partner of De Villermont, Mike advises clients on the development of their business, helping them source high quality individuals, introducing them to investment opportunities, and advising them on acquisitions.

Through his involvement more specifically within the Family Office segment, Mike’s client coverage has expanded to include other boutique businesses, such as alternative investment firms, (Private Equity, Real Estate) looking for access to the family office segment.

Mike, alongside his wife, has launched a luxury crisp brand, Savoursmiths using Russell Smith Farms’ potatoes and rapeseed oil to produce ‘a better class of crisp’ through sustainable agriculture.