One year’s AgriTech related achievements, heading towards realising our vision of bringing agriculture, technology and communities together for the benefit of all, shared with you over a period of 12 days. Enjoy! 

 2017 was an important year for SmithsonHill. It was a year of planting seeds, culminating in positive progress in 12 key areas. Here we dedicate a short review to each, as the year transitions and a new year commences. By day 12 we will have clarified all our contributions to AgriTech’s wider community in the East of England throughout 2017 and to have highlighted a few things you may wish to keep an eye on throughout 2018.  

 Ready? Here we go then … 


On the first day of Christmas our partnership gave to you the vision of a better way to bring agriculture, technology and communities together for the benefit of all … 

We’ve been developing and delivering this vision all year. We launched the ARC website and brochure (including a copy in Chinese for a visiting delegation), a site that made it as a finalist in the Cambridge Digital Awards.

We’ve done lots more too, as you will learn over the next 11 days Today, though, let’s just revisit the guiding principles driving this vision. Together, these principles will ensure the potential negative impacts of any development, especially around transport, noise and air quality, will be minimised and the potential positive impacts (including Cambridge’s contribution to global food security, reputation for innovation and physical and digital infrastructure) maximised.  


On the second day of Christmas our partnership gave to you the potential of an organic food hub – including farmshop and café – in the heart of our AgriTech park 

Having launched our vision and made our plans public, it wasn’t long before we secured a commitment from an organisation that, potentially, will be our first tenant. And we could not really have wished for a better flag bearer than The Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub. If 2018 is the year you’re going to go (or stay) local – check them out! 


On the third day of Christmas our partnership gave to you EIA scoping report 

Submitted in February, our Environmental Investigation Assessment scoping report included details about the intended provision of a bus/cycle interchange. It included a thorough analysis of the potential impact of our planned development on air quality, social and economic aspects of community, cultural heritage, land use, landscape, natural heritage, noise and vibration, traffic and transport, waste and water too.



On the fourth day of Christmas our partnership gave to you multidisciplinary team of 44 subject matter experts to help guide the way 

Emma Fletcher, our managing director, has become out and about a lot this year and is increasingly recognised as the face of SmithsonHill. She does have a strong team of subject matter experts behind her though, as we shared earlier this month in our blog Converging for Success. 



On the fifth day of Christmas our partnership gave to you five gold rings! Well, ok then not five gold rings exactly, but membership to five key organisations that between them ring fence the region’s wider infrastructure and AgriTech interests… 

Keen to play our part in influencing developments in keeping with our vision – both infrastructural and industry, SmithsonHill has been selectively joining organisations that we know to share our values and carry weight across the region.

These include Agri-tech EastCambridge WirelessCambridge NetworkOne Nucleus and Cambridge Clean Tech – We’re proud to be members. 

On the sixth day of Christmas our partnership gave to you practical support to help secure infrastructural improvements to south Cambridgeshire… 

We didn’t stop there though. We have also been very active contributors to Smarter Cambridge TransportRail Haverhill and London Stansted Cambridge Consortium (LSCC). Indeed, in June we announced a new initiative with LSCC aiming to create a specific AgriTech dialogue within the London, Stansted, Cambridge corridor. 


On the seventh day of Christmas our partnership gave support to a range of worthy community projects … 

A strong commitment to social value  is culturally embedded at SmithsonHill. Just look into our parent company’s histories – Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments. It’s not just good PR. It’s good business, as we explained in our recent blog.  

Swim the CamWhittlesford Millennium GroupArthur Rank HospiceOpen Farm Sunday and Sawston Rugby Club are just a few of the local causes we’ve helped out one way or another over the year.  

 On the eighth day of Christmas our partnership gave to you regular updates via this blog … 

Oh yes – 25 posts, this year – all sharing the latest news and articles of interest around local development, the AgriTech industry, as well as keeping you up to date with progress towards our vision. 




On the ninth day of Christmas our partnership gave to you more updates and information about the value of AgriTech to our communities through Cambridge News … 

In addition to this we have secured dozens of articles in the local, national and agricultural press, with Cambridge News’ Massive New AgriTech Park being the latest. 




On the tenth day of Christmas our partnership gave to you planning application submission to make this dream come true… 

And on 24th November 2017, our official outline planning permission submission for ARC was made to South Cambs District Council. Our experts ensured due diligence, so, whatever interests you– ecology, transport, or just an overview – there’s a document to read. 



On the eleventh day of Christmas our partnership shared our vision of an infrastucturally improved South Cambridgeshire AgriTech development across various events … 

We hosted seven events, providing the local community and interested parties, as well as the AgriTech sector, many opportunities to feedback on our plans.

We didn’t just hold our own events. We attended many too. These include: Keeping Cambridge Special event organised by Cambridge PPF Heritage Watch Committee; MIPIM; REAP 2017; The World AgriTech Innovation Summit and the Oxford Farming Conference. We’ve certainly been getting about to spread the word. 

 On the twelfth day of Christmas our partnership gives to you the commitment to keep doing more of the same throughout 2018 and the intention to deliver the next part of our vision