We develop collaborative environments to support and enhance Cambridge's global reputation for innovation

SmithsonHill is a joint venture between Russell Smith Farms and Hill Commercial Investments.
Combining land, innovation and development expertise, our work enhances the thriving Cambridge community.

Developing collaborative environments

Our unique combination of land and development expertise will enable us to create an environment that will serve both business and local communities.

Enhancing Cambridge's global reputation

Our position in Cambridge will contribute to maintaining its global economic position and support the region’s future prosperity.

Facilitating excellence in AgriTech

Our project will facilitate excellence in agricultural technology (AgriTech) to address the challenge of sustainable food production.

Contributing to the Cambridge phenomenon

Cambridge has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s leading destinations for technology and bioscience. But despite the regions strength in these sectors, the UK AgriTech industry has been woefully undersupplied until now. We have a unique opportunity to build on the established reputations of Cambridge University, Cambridge-based science parks, the technology and agriculture corridors in our vicinity, and the East of England’s life science heritage.


Estimated to rise by a further 2 billion by 2050

Global food

Demand to increase by 60-100% by 2050

Our ultimate aim is to develop a unique environment in which businesses can thrive, and where we will develop and deliver ground-breaking innovations to assist crop production and yield, minimising both input and cost, and reducing global food waste.

— Emma Fletcher, Managing Director, SmithsonHill

Our timeline

2015 - Smithson Hill established
2017 - Outline planning application
2022 - Anticipated first occupants
2030 - Anticipated full occupancy
Our project

The site’s location in the heart of an existing cluster of science parks offers a significant opportunity to help bring different companies together to work on the overlaps between the life sciences and AgriTech sectors. Our project has been submitted for planning permission and subject to planning, construction is expected to commence in 2020 with the first units available for occupation in 2022.









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