AgriTech is a global race and we’re in danger of losing. ARC by SmithsonHill can provide a 1million SQFT globally significant AgriTech Park, needed by the industry and the UK. We are ready to go: The plans are drawn. Tenants could be onsite as early as 2022. All subject to a final planning decision.

The effects of Brexit and climate breakdown mean it is too late for ‘business-as-usual’ – the time for urgent action is now.

  • The UK cannot hope to feed itself in the future without major changes to agriculture and the utilisation of new approaches provided by AgriTech
  • The UK cannot hope to address the effects of climate breakdown caused by our food production without the wide adoption of AgriTech
  • The UK cannot hope to be competitive globally in the long-term without a dedicated physical site for AgriTech companies to gather and collaborate and address these challenges.

Cambridge has the research base, track record of technology led business agglomeration and growth to support the development of world-leading AgriTech companies; and is at the heart of the biggest agricultural production area in the UK.

ARC Cambridge, SmithsonHill’s global-scale purpose-built park for commercialising AgriTech is mature enough to progress this opportunity in the timeframe needed for the UK to stay competitive. It is also a showcase of how to build environments for the future.

Our vision is for a 1million SQFT AgriTech Park and 3,000 SQM (30,000 SQFT) Innovation Hub for AgriTech companies, helping the UK cement its place as a global player in AgriTech commercialisation. AgriTech already has commitment from UK government at national and regional levels, with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough having the stated aim to become “the UK capital for AgriTech[i]”.

SmithsonHill call on policy makers to support the emerging industry through the provision of a dedicated site for AgriTech, as well as continued policy support.

Now is the time for action, communicate your support to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government today.

Download our full report here:

Delivering the AgriTech park the country needs, where industry needs it - Policy Briefing cover image


Find out more about our ARC project and our proposed Innovation Hub.

[i] Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Local Industrial Strategy 2019