A proposed park for AgriTech and associated sciences

with ability for crop and new technology trials

ARC will be set in a high quality parkland environment with tree lined avenues, footpaths, open spaces and informal recreation areas. ARC will provide a positive community-based space for employees, maintaining quality and balance of life.

Facilitating excellence in science and technology sectors to address food, climate, productivity and drive future sustainability.

Cambridge has a globally recognised concentration of life science, advanced technology and research establishments unmatched in Europe that continues to grow at 7% per annum featuring:

At the heart of the most productive agricultural area in the UK

ARC will be the most important location for key companies and individuals involved in the future of global food and agricultural technology.

Current farming methods and food chains cause significant impact to the environment that, coupled with the global increase in food demand can lead to environmental degradation.

This creates a broad need for new AgriTech solutions underpinned by science and technological innovations.

The key drivers of the AgriTech sector are, notably, the need for more efficient food production, less waste and healthier food. The route to realising such ambitions is collaboration between businesses, research and commercialisation which ARC will facilitate in its dedicated, world class facilities.

ARC’s focus is on harnessing multiple science communities, including non-agricultural, to adapt and realise new uses for revolutionary technologies and innovations for the future.

ARC intends to play an active role in delivering the government’s vision of the UK as a world leader in agricultural technologies, innovation and sustainability. The UK is a global centre of excellence for AgriTech research, development and innovation, with £200 million of additional funding invested nationally since 2013 through the UK Strategy for Agricultural Technologies.

“We must translate research into practice”
Calum Murray, Innovate UK

ARC is being promoted by SmithsonHill who are united in their vision for the future of AgriTech and how non-agricultural sciences can apply their technologies and innovation to the agriculture field. They understand the importance of developing the industry and wish to leave a legacy for future generations.

For more information please visit www.ARC-Cambridge.co.uk