Teaming for success

SmithsonHill has selected a team of individuals and companies who all bring the necessary skills to support the joint venture.

Our team works collaboratively to bring the various projects to market in the most efficient and effective way. Whilst not a formal part of the team, we also see local community groups, interest organisations and the local authorities as key members and stakeholders of any project.

Our success relies heavily on the calibre of our people and we expect high levels of service and the spirit of support and collaboration from them all. Mutual investment from the team, the community and stakeholders, both in time and expertise, ensures projects of which we can all be justifiably proud.

Meet the SmithsonHill board

The directors of SmithsonHill all originate from Hill or Russell Smith Farms. Each brings a core skillset of expertise around commercial development, professional skills or the management of land.

Meet the SmithsonHill delivery team

As with any partnership, the strength of the joint venture relies heavily on the ethos and working ethic of the delivery team. We are fortunate to have an outstanding board of directors supported externally by some of the leading consultants working across development, industry and communications. No project is the same and the breadth and nature of our required team will vary over time from ecologist to archaeologists, transport consultants to noise experts through to the construction team building out. For more info on the SmithsonHill team approach, please read our blog.