The National Food Strategy independent review is the largest review of the English food system in 75 years. At SmithsonHill, it is our view that the future of the UK and world’s food supply lies in Cambridge and its AgriTech cluster. Our submission sets out our vision for how our site at ARC will help the AgriTech industry revolutionise our food systems and meet the many challenges we face to feed our growing populations.

National Food Strategy Sumission

The combined challenge of Brexit and climate change mean the UK is under even greater pressure than ever to redefine our farming and food supply chains.  The industry needs to develop and commercialise new innovations faster than ever before. With its technology agglomeration history, research base and proximity to agriculture, the future of the UK and world’s food supply lies in Cambridge and its AgriTech cluster.

AgriTech innovations help with food supply, waste reduction, improving productivity in the food chain, increased biodiversity, soil health, animal health and eventually, healthier and better value food for us all.

Read our full submission to the National Food Strategy call for evidence here:

Food Strategy Submission - Front Cover Image

Vision for ARC

The vision is for ARC to become a dedicated site hosting AgriTech companies to help the UK take its place as a global player for AgriTech commercialisation. At its heart will be a 3,000 sq m (30,000 sq ft) Innovation Hub for AgriTech entrepreneurs and early-stage start ups to grow their emerging businesses.

ARC will support an estimated 4,000 jobs and increase regional GVA by £277m per year by 2030. It has an unrivalled location and transport links, within the UK Innovation Corridor, the Oxford – Cambridge Arc and the Cambridge – Norwich Technology Corridor. The planned innovation hub will provide flexible office space, access to laboratory, workshop and crop trial space, as well as access to support for early stage AgriTech start-ups. The 100 hectare Park also includes space for scale up companies, global HQ’s and land for on-site farm trials, all within a restored parkland setting. Plans also include sustainability measures such as energy generation on site and upgrades to the grid infrastructure in the wider area, whilst transport proposals solve current local transport issues.

ARC will meet the needs of the UK AgriTech sector with a global-scale development focused on supporting commercialisation and collaboration across technologies. Our vision is based on collaboration, environmental and business sustainability, all based around a thriving physical site with companies commercialising new ideas across technologies, to create a better, more sustainable food supply.  It will put the UK at the forefront of reshaping our food system in the coming decades.

Find out more about our ARC project and our proposed Innovation Hub.